Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where does he get this from?

Both hubby and I are not fancy talkers. Oh sure, I like to talk, but I've always had issues with proper pronunciation (Hubby jokes "are you sure you were educated in this country and that English is your first language?"). If given a choice, I will opt for the word with the fewest syllables, as there is less chance of an error on my part.

So, I'm reading with Thing Two this evening and in the story, the kids are fighting and I pause to ask some of those comprehension type questions (yeah, go ahead and hate me, I think it is that childhood dream to have been a school teacher that I just can't suppress when I'm working with the boys. I take this reading together a bit too serious sometimes).

Instead of saying something simple as one would expect from a rather newbie first grader, he goes on to explain that the " girl character exclamated the problem when she was bossing the other kids and that led to the starting of the fight"

Ok, I get where he comes up with exclamated instead of escalated...that's genetic from his tongue tied momma. But the rest...that's way too insightful to have come from either hubby or I!

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tz said...

he's brilliant....i know you know this and i'm confirming it, i'm an expert you know!
tee hee