Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This week, the Things and I are reading a Magic Tree House book. The exact title I don't recall, but it is something like Buffalo before Breakfast. Anyways, I get to the start of Chapter 7 last night and it is called Stampede. I pause and ask the boys "do you know what that word means?"

Hubby who is partially listening to the story quickly chimes in and says "Yeah boys, it is when a herd of buffalo get together to stamp!" He then starts to giggle like a little boy. Hubby is a pretty quiet man by nature (how he survives with me and my not so quiet ways is a question we still both ponder from time to time). But, when he finds something to be funny he really is a laugh out loud kind of guy.

Next thing I know, the boys are adding to the moment. "No, mom, it is when a bunch of buffaloes start to dance" says Thing Two. "Yeah, like this" chimes in Thing One. And now, all three of my guys are humming (or trying to hum) a can-can tune and dancing like a heard of buffaloes.

Well, I'm pretty sure that Letterman and Leno can rest easy tonight knowing that nobody in the House of Chang is apt to steal their job from them...

*interesting enough, the above photo was taken at a new park we found called The Great Plains Park. No buffalo were spotted: none dancing or stamping...

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