Friday, August 18, 2006

His Final Words...

Thing Two, on the eve of his seventh birthday declared "But I'm not tired". Said declaration made right before the tell tale sound a child deep in sleep. Yeah right my child, you are so not tired. You are worn out, exhausted, depleted of even that last little drop of energy. Tired would definetly be an understatement.

But oh what fun he had! He decided long ago that for his birthday, he wanted a Friday Night Beer and Pizza Happy Hour Party. It seemed appropriate given his recent fascination with all things Homer Simpson. And yes, Mom and her gal pals probably had some influence over it being a "happy hour" style affair.

Now in case anyone thinks I am destined to become "the party mom", I'll have you internet people know that the beer I served was of the root variety. I surprised them with the bottled variety and each kid had his own bottle. It was a riot watching them try to drink without the head spilling all over the place. And since there is a late summer cold spreading through the neighborhood, we struggled with ways to label brown bottles that had brown labels. But, hey a colored balloon tied around the neck is a good way to tell yours from your pals. Of course, that still didn't stop them from swapping bottles but hey, they are boys, what do they care, right?

All in all it was a fun afternoon and before the final meltdown that prompted the trip to bed, he declared this was his best birthday ever. Ah, maybe that other Martha is right, simple can indeed be a very good thing!


tz said...

it was a fantastic party! jake enjoyed himself very much! an mango new favorite drink!

tz said...

looking at the picture again...i realize you and i have pretty much the darkest kids's to diversity!