Sunday, August 27, 2006

Containing Myself...

This week's SS blogger challenge:

1. Open your purse/wallet/briefcase/diaper bag.
2. Inventory the contents.
3. Pick one item from your inventory list and expand on it. Why do you have it? Where did it come from? What special meaning does it have? Is there a funny/interesting story attached? Choose something that will tell the reader a little about you, whether it's serious, funny or unremarkable ()- or if you're writing for yourself, choose something that will remind an older you of who the younger you was.
4. Add photos if you'd like to.

Go - inventory your contents

Ok, so I'm making my own modification to this challenge and and instead of looking at my purse, I've decided to share with you my bedside table contents. Why? Yes, I do like to be difficult sometimes but for today, that's not why. Nope, my purse is not much of a reflection of who I am. Really, honest. Somehow when I was being made, I missed out on the accessorize gene and so my purse is rather nondescript. Oh, that and right now I"m not sure where I left my purse...

So, instead I decided I would take a look at what's on my bedside table. Now, there isn't enough room next to the bed for your traditional nightstand so instead, I use the top of my dresser to hold my stuff. I give you exhibit A

  • First up is a pair of socks. When folding laundry earlier in the week, I realized those don't belong to the Things. So, I've set them aside to return to whichever pal of theirs they belong to. They've only been there since last week's birthday bash. If they look like they belong to your kid, please let me know.
  • Next is a photo of me as a little girl. I like looking at that photo and remembering that I didn't always have to pay for my blond hair. I'm holding a kitty which I find rather perplexing as I"m not really a kitten person. Was this a cherished childhood item? I don't know but maybe my sister can refresh my memory on that. Then again, maybe it was hers and I insisted on holding it during the photo shoot? Yep, I was THAT kind of bratty kid sister!
  • Then in the teenny tiny frame is a family portrait. It was the last time we tried to take such a photo. Was it three years ago? Or maybe even 4. Anyways, it was a real disaster and I wasn't pleased with any of the pictures enough to order larger copies. This is just the little proof that I decided to keep. It reminds me that we're just not studio portrait kind of people.
  • Next is one of my many Longaberger Baskets. This one holds my baubles. But again, because I am lacking that accessorize gene, I often forget to open it and put on such baubles. So, it rarely sees much activity.
  • Stuck somewhere in between are a couple other boxes and holders that contain stuff that really should have a more proper home but I never seem to remember to go back and clean things out after a stash and dash session. FlyLady would be so disappointed in me.
  • In the front are my assorted reading materials.
    • There are a couple chick lit novels that my friend gave me for my birthday. Haven't felt like reading lately so there they sit.
    • There is a library book there. The review looked great but I was once again fooling myself thinking I could handle reading a non-fiction work. I should take it back as I'm sure there is a waiting list for it. Sensory Processing stuff is all the rage these days.
    • I've got a couple magazines in the stack as well. I'm not much of a magazine reader but I like to thumb through them right before I call it a night.
    • And finally is my daily journal. I tried earlier this summer to join the Scrapshare group doing the Artists Way. I lasted only a chapter or two before it dawned on me, this too it non fiction and I just can't go there. But, I did discover that there is much to be gained from daily journaling. And so that's where I do my daily journaling. It is VERY different from my blog. I use it to get rid of all my ugly thoughts and worries. If I die a sudden tragic death, first one in the house, please promise me that you will dispose of the journal post haste?
    • Oh, I almost forgot my glasses are sitting there as well. I'm lost without them but since I wear contacts during the day, I just need the glasses at night and for those days when I'm just too unmotivated to pop in the contacts.
    • And I"m sure there is more than a thin layer of dust to make it all complete
So, there you have it, a glimpse into my personal space. But now I really do need to go looking for my purse...not that there is much in it but....


tz said...

as the zimmer boys left w/ socks (i think) i'll have to say they are not are so nice, socks left at my house, unless pink, usually get assimilated into our sock-borg collective (geek husband wearing off on me!)
it was fun to see a glimpse into your mind. how interesting that this little slice of your home, once you put some thought into it, is such a reflection on who you are!

laura said...

We're both missing that accessory gene! My personal space these days seems to be the end of the kitchen counter, and the end table in the living room, and the computer desk, and and and. Ummm, no wonder I can't ever find anything when I want or need it! Time to clean house and get things organized around here - my annual back to school fall routine.

As to the kitty, I haven't a clue. I can certainly say though that it was not a toy of mine that you snatched for the photo shoot. Along with mom and grandma, I firmly believe that cats belong in the barn catching mice. Although, Smokey (my friends cat) is desperately trying to change my unfriendly outlook towards the feline community. I may be weakening but not to the point of having one of our own.