Monday, August 14, 2006

Color me confused!

One of the online communities I visit (ok, so maybe visit is too soft of a word, more like I camp out there) started a blogger's challenge. Initially, I thought to myself, I can do this. Yeah right! Just like the various blog quizzes that I love to read but am hopeless at completing myself, this challenge is well...a challenge for me.

If you are playing along at home, here is the initial challenge:

This week, blog or journal about color. Your favorite color. Colors that
make you happy. The color of your favorite flower. Colors that speak to you or
that totally turn you off. The color of YOU. What's your color personality,
according to the thousand websites out there that analyze that sort of thing?
(Google "favorite color" and you'll find them.) Is the analysis accurate?

So, what's the problem you ask. Well, I don't really have one favorite color. I'm more into a color family or spectrum of color. If that were the question, I could answer it in a heart beat: I'm all about the warm rich earth tones. Fall Colors. Tuscan Yellow. Ruby Red. A deep rich Olive Green.

Yep, these colors speak to me. They make me think of being all cozy and warm. I've mentioned before what homebodies we all are here in The House of Chang. My home decor reflects my preference for these warm earthy colors. Gee, do you think there might be a connection between the two?

Now, I've just tried to google what this says about my personality and here's where I get turned around and confused. The reds in the palette say one thing. The blues and greens say another. But, in the end, that would be me. Right there in the middle. I've got a few strengths and character traits of each of the two main groups. And yep, the negative attributes of these colors also plague me from time to time.

As for color in our house, this is the plate that started it all. Several years ago, a dear friend gave this plate to me as a gift. I loved it from the minute I first opened it! Not only do I have this thing about roosters (I suppose I really should blog about my rooster obsession one of these days). But, we've turned to the colors in the plate time and time again when making decorating choices. Hubby spotted the yellow on the plate and immediately announced THAT was the shade he wanted to paint the family room. Which we did, at the other house. Here at the new house, there is no urgent need to paint at least the main floor. Yep, because the previous owners left us window treatments and an accent wall featuring the green in my favorite plate.

Gee, all this talk about color makes me want to go and play with some color in the craft room. Anyone want to guess what colors I'll be playing with this afternoon?

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tz said...

so i decided to do a color quiz too and apparently i'm a horrible, uptight person with impossibly high standards....sheesh

that has to be wrong!

see you manana with present for thing 2 in hand!