Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to school blues

Thankfully, the Things are doing a pretty good job with heading back to school. And, I'm slowly getting into the groove of the school routine. But today, oh my, I met a little fella who was one unhappy camper. I figure I'm entitled to smile at his misery since most years it is one, if not both of my children crying outside the front of the school.

But, this little boy, hasn't figured out that crying gets you at least sympathy. Nope, this boy was having a full throttle temper tantrum. Don't want to go, not going to make me go. The principal was able to help him work through it and he finally made it back to his class. That's where I met him: I was doing vision checks on his class. He'd calmed down considerably so his teacher suggested I try to screen him as well. All went well with the testing.

And then in my happy mommy voice I said how much fun school can be, how he will make LOTS of friends. With the cynical tone of a grumpy old man he curtly told me "I already have plenty of friends~!"

Somehow I have a feeling that this is not the end of this little boy's back to school blues...

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