Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thanks for tuning into WMRC

As a kid, I remember building forts using my mom's card table and blankets. We'd make it our little cave and hang out there for hours on end. These days, your generic fort just isn't enough. No,today's kid has to take it to the next level.

It started with our friend's son, T, who built a library in their front room. He used the same construction materials that I used in my kiddie forts, but called it a library

On Sunday, Thing Two announced he wanted to build himself something different than a library. But, he would need my radio and all the kids cds I could find. Why I asked? Oh, because I"m building a radio station. Sure enough: using his t-shaped bunk beds and some extra blankets, he's created quite the little cozy nest. He made a sign and we talked about how radio stations get their names. He started out using just his initials, but I think the last time I peeked at his sign, he's added the initials of just about any of his pals he thinks might visit his place. He's got music, he's got some books, he even snuck some snacks upstairs in case he gets hungry.

Oh how I love their sense of imagination and willingness to create stuff without worry about how perfect it is. We could all learn a thing or two from our kids when it comes remembering to take time for creative play. Our imagination can take us far, if only we let ourselves soar.
*photos of the DJ and his tune shack are still pending

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