Tuesday, April 04, 2006

If he hears it, chances are he'll repeat it...

I need to remind myself of this fact just about every day! With Thing One, we got a bit spoiled. He never was much of an eavesdropper. Might have been his nature, might be partly due to his issues, but whatever the reason, I admit, we were spoiled and are sometimes careless in what we say around the kids. They couldn't POSSIBLY be paying attention, right?

WRONG: Thing Two is the master eavesdropper. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I hear you, that apple fell right from THIS tree. I know. But, now I must deal with the consequences.

At least today's event was a funny one. I lucked out. A couple weeks ago, we'd gone to BK for lunch. We'd requested his usual "Plain Cheeseburger". There seemed to be some sort of language barrier between hubby and the person taking the order (suffice to say INS probably doesn't frequent this BK lounge). Anyways, the cheeseburger arrived FULLY loaded. In the grumbling interchange between us adults, we mentioned the woman's limited command of English. Didn't think Thing Two was listening, why would he? He had his food. Why would he be bothered by our ranting about how you can't even order a cheeseburger from Consuela and expect to get it right.

Today, we return to the SAME BK establishment and again request the plain cheeseburger. It arrives: PLAIN, just as we ordered. Thing Two says loudly "Wow Mom, someone was speaking English today!". I just about died of embarrassment...but what happened next saved the day...

Thing One said "Oh, EVERYONE speaks English here."
Thing Two: "Nope, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they speak British!"

Heavy Sigh....and there you have it: next time Consuela messes up your order at BK, remember to blame it on being British!

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