Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Heart Loving Family...

I am certain that we can all agree that each family has its own set of rules. Not every family out there agrees on discipline issues, bedtimes, restrictions on video/tv watching, those sorts of issues. Our family quirk is that we are a scooter-skate board free zone. Not really a hot button issue for me as much as it is for my hubby. And, since I"m neutral on the matter, it is pretty easy to say "yeah sure, whatever!" His reasons are valid and as a nurse, yes, I am well aware of the various injuries that can occur when you use such items without proper gear. So, the boys have never had scooters or skateboards, nor will they likely ever be allowed to get them. Quirky and odd to some folks, but every family has its own quirks and this one is ours.

But since we moved into the cul de sac, I guess you could say we've fallen victim to community peer pressure. Gradually, the Things have been seen "borrowing" their pals equipment and neither one of us parents took immediate and swift action. Well, today hubby spotted Thing Two on a scooter without any protective gear. When confronted, Thing Two decided to debate the necessity of wearing gear. UH OH: BUSTED BIG TIME! We're now back to enforcing the rule and banning such equipment. It's one thing to be caught, it is another thing to try and argue with the cop who busted you. Never a good thing...better he learn that at 6 then try to teach it to him later on.

So, now that Thing Two has calmed down (why yes, he does have a flair for drama, and I plead the fifth as to who he has inherited this trait from), we explained to him the problem and the need to go back to the original rules.

And this is where he broke my heart: he says "Its ok because you know what, I may not have scooters but I do have a heart lovin' family and not many people have that, right Mom?"
I replied with "are you trying to sweet talk you way out of trouble?" and he looked at me ever so curious "no, Mom, it is true, we are a heart loving family and that's more important, right?"

Man, just when you think this job is too hard, your staff cuts you a break....

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