Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Feverishly Bored?

No, not me, I'm a mom, boredom is not something I find myself encountering (although a friend who has been struggling with insomnia was asked by a not so smooth sleep study technician:" Oh, you're a SAHM? Perhaps you are bored and that's why you aren't sleeping so good?" Me thinks that technician has some issues with those of us who stay home? But, I"ll save that rant for another day)

No, Thing One is the one with a current case of boredom. (And actually, I don't think he's bored so much as he is annoyed by my recent decision to scale back on the after school social club that we've had going on the past couple of weeks) This afternoon, not only did he announce he was bored but that he had a Boredom Fever of 500 degrees! Wow: that must be bad sighs the very sarcastic mom.

So, in all my years as a nurse, I wasn't sure how one treats a boredom fever. Aspirin is out: don't want to run the risk of Reyes Syndrome. Thinking Tylenol and Advil also wouldn't help. But, as a seasoned Mom, I knew the exact cure...

"Well, if you are indeed burning up with boredom, perhaps I should take this transformer and give it to someone out there who isn't so overheated with boredom? Certainely, you are too ill to enjoy the plethora (oh how I love that word!) of toys that surround you?"

Yep...as is often the case, no more complaints of bordeom were heard from him (at least for today).

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agent713 said...

Whenever I complained of boredom Mom always suggested work. "There's dusting to be done or vacuuming if you're really inspired." Cured me every time!!!