Thursday, April 27, 2006

Everyone Needs a Book

I'm behind in my reading and thus don't have anything ready to review. But, this week Thing One brought home something he had written at school and I thought I would share it with you. It fits with my desire to blog about a book, even if I have nothing current to share.

A bit of background might help others appreciate the beauty of what he wrote. Thing One has always struggled with writing. I'm not sure exactly why that is. Probably a combination of factors: his quirks make him a real black and white kind of kid such that I don't think he's ever undertstood WHY he has to write things at school. His long standing struggle with fine motor strength has made it a not only a task he doesn't understand but also one that is physcially challenging for him. (On a side note, just like almost every been-there/done that parent and therapist had reassured us, his cursive is much better than his printing ever was or will be.) This year, we've seen some wonderful maturing and growth on so many levels. This essay is just another example of why we're so pleased with his progress and grateful for making that difficult decision to have him take another stab at second grade.

"Rules for why everyone needs a book"
Everyone Needs a Book
by Thing One C.
Rule 1. You could go anywhere in the world with a book
Rule 2. Like Tom Sawyer or Moby Dick
Rule 3. Also, not just a skinny book, get a chapter book
Rule 4. They can teach you important lessons
Rule 5. It can be about community helpers
Rule 6. It can teach you about a chef or a doctor
Rule 7. You can write your own book
Rule 8. You can read a book with a friend
Rule 9. Never ever ever rip a book
Rule 10. If you have a book, you have a friend
And, yes, I do have a book I'm I think I will head out and spend the quiet of the morning with just that friend!

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tosin said...

OK, rule #10 is my absolute fave. What a smart Thing you have!!