Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blogging Blahs...

I've not feeling particularly witty this week. I'm not sure why.

Let see, what could it be? Maybe I'm still dealing with the news that the accountant delivered last week. We don't owe as much as last year but we still owe some. But then again, that can't be it: because we pay pretty much every year and had the money set aside, just waiting to be sent in.

Well then,perhaps, I'm still bothered by the Great Flood of '06 that happened on Saturday? The basement toilet broke and was gushing water everywhere. Thing One happened to be in the basement at the time, walked through soggy carpet (soaked, drenched, toilet still actively gushing), and went outside to ride bikes, never pausing to tell either adult "hey, the basement is flooding." I discovered it probably after an hour into the incident. Oh but wait, we got over that...and thanks to Hubby's hard work, it looks like everything will dry without further incident. Being at the garden level helped air things out and the air out here is so dry, you don't fret too much about "damp basements". I was more perplexed by the action (or inaction) of Thing One. Oh well, just that friendly reminder that his diagnosis is correct. He's not always going to respond to life events in the ways we think he should. (for readers not all that familiar with the formal name for his quirks, he's on the Autism Spectrum)

Then, maybe it is the inspection that the prospective buyers completed and their laundry list of requests, demands, whatever you want to call it. Nope, we agreed, along with our realtor, that the house was priced to reflect these concerns so take it or leave it. Only two of the issues were valid (and thus we are willing to correct). The rest I think are an attempt to get us to fund their plans for a "fix and flip". Sorry, that's why the house is priced considerably lower than market value/appraised value. It is a "bring your paint brush and hammer" deal. Take it or leave it.

So, gee...I just don't know where my blogging enthusiasm has gone to? I'm thinking I'm using it all up trying to see the bright side of life's more recent challenges. Tune in later when I will try to be more humorous...and well, even if that fails, I'm half way through a REALLY good book, so I should have another review up by the end of the week!

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