Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Snow much fun...

When we first visited our new house, and I noticed the slope of the backyard I wondered if it was steep enough to sled. Wouldn't that be just the coolest: The Things could sled outside while I watched from the warmth of my kitchen window? It would also solve the age old problem: what to do when one thing is cold and ready to go home long before the other thing had any desire to call it a day. Cold things could come inside while adventuresome things could continue to play.

Yesterday afternoon we discoved that yes indeed the hill had enough slope to make it worthy of sledding. Probably won't keep them satisfied for too many more seasons but for now it works.

Our pals came over and before we knew it, even the moms decided to give it a try.

One drawback to Spring snow, is that it just doesn't linger for very long. Even after a couple runs, we were running into grass and mush. Oh well...they did have fun and I even managed to snap a photo of Thing One (our more camera shy child).

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