Thursday, March 02, 2006

Resumes and reminiscing...

Last night I was filling out an online job application. I've not applied for a job in almost 9 years. I've not worked outside of the home in almost 7 years. The job is not in my specialty, nor is the pay anywhere near what I made in my last job. But, it is a job that interests me and seems to be the right thing to do now that the Things are both in school full time.

So, as I'm getting started, the website tells you what documents to have ready and to be prepared to spend 15-20 minutes completing the online application. 2 hours later, I finally reach the review and send page!

I guess it wouldn't have taken that long, but as I pulled things out of my "employment and education file box (I KNOW, only Marthas have all such documents stored in a separate file box, labeled and categorized even though I've not even opened the box in some 8 years), I kept getting stuck in memory lane...

Ah, those days in the Army. Back in 2000, during the Gulf War I, as my former co-workers were suffering through the Saudi summer heat, I was studying to become a nurse practitioner while watching the waves hit the shores of Carmel Beach (hazardous duty, I know).

Or how about those first years, out of the Army, and I was working and going to grad school in Maryland. Surely I spent more than just a semester in grad school before life got in the way? Nope, I guess not as I can't find any documentation supporting that I took more than those two classes. No wonder my boss at the time questioned "are you sure it is smart to move to Virginia to be closer to some fella you just met?" It did all happen rather suddenly, but since we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last fall, I guess my heart and mind knew I was doing the right thing.

I spotted names on old reference listing that I hadn't thought about in years. I found performance reviews that pointed out that yes, I was good at my job. In those early years of signing things as Mrs. Chang, you could read every letter in my last name. Now, you are lucky if you can figure out that the first two letters are Ch, the rest is just a scribble.

It was a happy trip down memory lane and that gentle reminder that one not always be in such a hurry to toss out trivial pieces of paper. Sure, keep them in one spot, but keep them....They will serve as memory joggers of your past experiences!

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