Monday, March 06, 2006

Midnight at the Dragon Cafe

With our recent move, we made a few changes. And although change often takes some getting used to, it can often be a good thing. Such is the case with relocating the family computer. It used to be in the family room, right off the kitchen. It was centrally located and convenient. Perhaps just a bit too convenient. I found myself popping on line really quick while fixing dinner. Or, while watching TV, I would surf and blog. Yes, I wasted a lot of free time on the computer. But, now the computer is tucked way in the basement. And believe it or not, this is a good change. I'm finding myself with more of an interest in reading. While I wait for the water to boil (this far above sea level it takes awhile), I pull out my book and start reading. If there is nothing on TV, I grab my book and read instead of mindlessly surfing online.

So, with this new found extra free time, I've managed to finish yet another book. The title is noted above and it is by Judy Fong Bates. I admit, I am drawn to books that deal with the Chinese immigrant experience. Perhaps because I married into such a culture, I am always looking for ways to gain insight into my husband's family through the literary works of others. This book went a long ways in helping me understand and appreciate the challenges faced by those who fled Communist China in the late 1950s, in search of a better life for their families while still longing for their home country. (My inlaws left China around this same time period, taking a less direct path). It is set in a small town in Ontario, Canada and is told through the eyes of Su-Jen (or Annie, her Western name) as she shares her life living with her parents who run the local Chinese restaurant. The author has a very easy way of writing where you are drawn to the story but not captivated so much that you rush through it to find out how it ends. She created characters that are interesting and complex while maintaining the voice of a school girl. I found myself savoring the story, watching it unfold.

I'll finish up with this observation: When you aren't finding the time to enjoy hobbies you like (be it scrapbooking, reading, card making, whatever), you might want to try changing things around a bit. Granted, it need not be as drastic as the changes we've made this past month, but even something as simple as getting a brighter lamp for bedside reading might help re-ignite that spark that brings you back to the hobbies you enjoy! I never imagined the relocation of our computer would lead to me finding more time to read! So, off I go...with two more books waiting to be enjoyed. Tune in again for more boring book reviews by yours truly!

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