Sunday, March 05, 2006

Loving Life in the Cul de Sac...

Hubby had always commented that "we should have bought in a cul de sac". I knew he was right but it just never registered as being a high priority for me. But, as the Things got older, I too started to long for a safer front yard. So, when our new house was located in a cul de sac, I was eager to see how much we would use and enjoy this improved location.

Some random observations:
  • In the morning, if one Thing is ready for the walk to school before the other, he can go ahead and start heading out, stopping at the main street and waiting for us. If on the way home, one of them decides to race ahead of Mom (who is usually walking slower with her gal pals, enjoying those final moments of adult conversation before entering the zone of chaos more commonly referred to as after school), it is ok, he can wait at the driveway.
  • They've played basketball in the driveway while Hubby has tinkered in the garage.
  • They ride their bikes round and round in circles.
  • And Mom is so much more relaxed. I'm still not ready to let them be out front without one of us being out there was well, but I can see a time in the future when that might be an option.
  • And finally, I"m glad that Thing Two has outgrown his "word retrieval problems" that he had as a preschooler. When he was first learning to ride his bike (a couple years ago), he would ask to go ride in the "testicle". Shaking my head, suppressing a giggle, I would ask "the WHAT?" and he would try again. You know Mom, the tentacle where Nick lives. "Oh, you mean Cul De Sac? "Yeah Mom, I keep forgetting". I never quite agreed with their assessments of his word retrieval problems until I recalled this recurring conversation. :)

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Laura said...

Glad to hear that you are enjoying life in the "testicle"!