Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If you have nothing nice to say...

why is it that we are supposed to say nothing? I know this is what we've always been told. And, logically, I understand why it is a good habit to have. But, every so often don't just want to really let it all out? You know, start with a little venting, add tequilla and escalate it into a full blown bitch session? That's what I've felt like doing...but since it is only Tuesday and I still need to get the Things to school this morning, I"m guessing it would be frowned upon to rinse out the coffee and start drinking the "good stuff?" But, surely it is noon somewhere in this planet?

So until then....I leave with you this: Do not disturb, I appear to be disturbed enough!

1 comment:

agent713 said...

I highly doubt anyone would object to you grabbing the "good stuff" as per Kenny's song of the same name. After all, it is only milk :D

Feel free to vent anytime. That's what the internet is for!