Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hurry Up and Wait...

I consider myself to be a patient person. Somewhere along this life journey, I sort of came to accept that often all you can do is wait for the problem to unfold and the solution will present itself and the situation will resolve. Just because I know these things, doesn't mean I have to like them!

Right now I've got a couple things on my mind that I wish I could just tuck away and be done with. We've got a house to sell. I know it will sell and that in a matter of months I will look back and go "gee, that wasn't so bad". But right now, I'm bothered by the hurry up and wait that comes with the selling of a house.

I'm hoping to start a new job later this Spring and recently a slight snag in the schedule occured that has left me feeling frustrated. Granted, the overall change will be good, but I feel bad that my change is having a ripple effect on others and this whole new project being put together.
Again, in a couple months, this will all be old news and I too will sigh "now, what was it you were so bothered by?".

So, for now, all I can do is wait...wait for the issues at hand to work themselves out.
And waiting just isn't a thing we Marthas can do without bellyaching just a bit....

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