Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fixing A Quirk...

On a message board that I frequent, a recent discussion centered around what are your quirks. I'd like to say that I'm quirk free but too many of you know the REAL me and won't buy that line of bull for even a bribe of a Dove Bar. But, I do have one quirk that I really need to correct and so today I dedicated my creative energies to saying Goodbye to the "Picture Frames with No pictures" quirk.

Yes, folks, I am one of those people. I take a ton of pictures and always think "oh, this one would look nice framed". So, when I'm out and about and a picture frame catches my eye, I buy the frame. But the problem comes in putting these two elements together. The picture frames remain empty, containing the original photos of what hubby has come to call his "imaginary family".

So, last weekend, I had hubby hang the most recently purchased collage set on the wall. For as we all know, when those hubbies are in the mood to do a "honey do" chore like hanging pictures, you'd best tell them where to hang them and worry about what goes into the frame later on. It could be MONTHS before he is in the mood to hang pictures for you again.

Since then, hubby has teased me about starting a poll amongst my gal pals (whom he calls his other wives, as they spend a fair amount of time sitting at my kitchen table) to see how long I take before I replace "Joe and Fred" (his imaginary family that features a Caucasian father and son photo) with a real Chang Gang father/son photo. Apparently, the most popular bet was that it would take me four weeks before replacing said pictures. Gee, thanks for your support!

Well, I am proud to announce that Joe and Fred have been replaced by The Things and their grandparents. That was the easy frame to fill. It took me the better part of the afternoon to find a picture of me and the boys to put in the other frame. I'm guessing that is something else I should work on. Getting myself into some of those thousands of photos I take...

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