Monday, February 20, 2006

Operation Relocation...

WOW! Almost a week since I've blogged? That has to be a record!
When I last popped in, I was preparing for Operation Relocation. Surrounded by boxes, my head was spinning with the never ending TO BE DONE list. I couldn't sleep, knowing all the work that was waiting for me. The forecast was for cold and snow!

So, here's an update...

  • Box count: one. Yep, I"ve got just one box left sitting here in my craft room that needs to be loaded into the file cabinet.
  • Rooms left to be organized: One. The craft room.(notice the pattern, eh? Yes, I saved the best for the last!) And considering this place has 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and your usual kitchen/family room/living room, well, you can imagine how busy we've been. But then again, I am a Martha and organizing is our strength.
  • Sinks that had to be relocated: One. Yes, the prized sink had to be disconnected and moved because Elsa is just too darn long and wouldn't fit into the garage. Hubby was a determined man yesterday, moving the sink. But, now the girls are tucked back into their home and all is well with the world of cars. The Mystery Van remains outside, but at least she's off the street.
  • Amount of snow that fell: Thankfully, just one inch or so. It got too darn cold to snow. As a friend called it, it was "Gunnison cold"...referring to a town up in the mountains that gets really cold and stays that way all winter. And yes, indeed, it got really cold and stayed that way. A record was set on Saturday night: MINUS 13 degrees. Thank heavens for flannel sheets and a functional furnace.
  • Houses left to be sold: One. Anyone want to live on Ireland Street? I've got a great house to show you!
So, as you can see, Operation Relocation has almost come to an end. It has been ONE amazing and busy month (as we just toured the house for the first time one month ago), but I'm so excited we took this challenge on. Now, lets get back to our regular scheduled life....
Photos will be posted once I find where I stashed the transfer cable!

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