Friday, February 10, 2006

Lets get our act together, ok?

I'm beginning to ANYONE out there doing what they are supposed to be? I know I have slacked off in a major way in terms of getting ready for the move. So, no, I'm not doing what I"m supposed to do. Thing One would rather play on the computer then get ready for school. Thing Two is realizing his classmates cause trouble and he has to suffer in the group consequences so he's starting to question why he needs to behave when he ends up losing priveldges regardless of how he is behaving. Hubby's customer seems to have misplaced an invoice that payment was due on two weeks ago. Our insurance people had no problems cashing our premium payments but still say we aren't covered because they don't know how much our dental coverage will be. I should add that we declined dental coverage, so the amount due is zero: but I'm guessing that they can't make that conclusion without proper authorization. And, so what, if you don't have the cost for the dental, at least activate the medical so that I can in turn call in Thing One's prescription. The Telephone customer service agent couldn't figure out how to get our phone service transfered in a timely manner. Yet, when I turned on the tears, suddenly he could get a service tech out next Friday morning. And Finally, the ten day forecast is calling for SNOW next week on moving day.

So, I think it is pretty safe to assume that most of us are off our game this week. I'm hoping to get back with the program tomorrow. Lets hope the rest of the world joins in!

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