Sunday, February 05, 2006

Keeping our eye on the sink...

Or the prize...but well, for hubby it is the same! You see, our current home doesn't have any sort of mudroom or utility sink. When he works on the cars, he has to wash up in the hall bathroom. And although he is very good about cleaning up his mess, it is still a hassle. That garage sink is something he's really excited to have.

We're knee deep in the process of packing and moving. Not a single room is in order which is really bugging my inner desire for order. We did manage to make a HUGE dent in the basement: which resulted in a trip to the Landfill (Note to self and any other curious locals: When trying to locate the address of such facility: it isn't called a dump anymore. They call it DADS and yes, they charge double for any uncovered loads!) A trip to Goodwill is planned for Monday as the back of my van is filled with stuff that others can probably use (a portacrib anyone?). The crawl space of our current home has always been the black hole of our place: stuff we don't want to decide whether to keep or save: gets "temporarily" tossed into the crawl space. In some cases, temporarily was defined as 7-8 years!

And a final note to self: Marthas who have descended from the crafty side, should consider NOT moving in the early weeks of February. There is so much fun to be had in the craft room: between making stuff for Chinese New Year, to helping a kindergartner design his 100th day project to the much anticipated exchange of valentines. Sure, we can always buy the valentines: but if you find that to be the solution that makes you happy...then you probably aren't a crafty Martha type!

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