Wednesday, February 08, 2006

100 Days of Fun...

Yesterday marked the Things 100th day of school. For second grade, well, it was just another day, much to the disappointment of Thing One. But for kindergarten: it was a day worth celebrating!

Thing Two was giving me a bit of an attitude about what he wanted to make for his 100th day project. Mom's ideas were either "BORING", "Nah, too girly" or "just plain goofy mom". So, I suggested we google and find other ideas that aren't from Mom. That seemed to do the trick. He found an idea for a fruit loop flag and we were all set.

Until yesterday, when he blew my crafty cover! He said to his teacher: "Do you want to know how we made this flag?" Cautiously, she said yes. He said "Mom got it off the internet!"

Oh well, at least he said WE...pointing out that the project was a joint effort even if Mom didn't come up with the idea all on her own.

Now, off to modify the valentine project as I mistakingly used PINK for the paper choice. Oh so not a good thing when you've got boys!

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