Friday, November 18, 2005

Yep, that's my boy...

Ok, it's a known fact here in the House of Chang, that although Thing 2 may LOOK like his dad, he's his MOM in more ways than any of us can keep track of.

Tonight, was just another example. We're all watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We're at the scene were Mike TV is about be shrunk. But, first they are showing the technology where they take the GIANT chocolate bar and zap it into the tv set...making it oh so very tiny.

Thing Two says to me: "now that would give me nightmares! Shrinking Chocolate, that's terrible!".

Ah, yep, he's my boy! (although I admit that I have other fears besides my giant chocolate bar being reduced to less than a bite sized morsel!) *photo in this post was taken on a trip to Florida earlier this year. Right after he inhaled his first "Mickey Bar! A proud mom moment!

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