Sunday, October 23, 2005

What if I don't like Him?

A little background: I grew up attending church routinely. As an adult, not so routine. And lately, not even the C&E participant. (Christmas and Easter). This was ok for me, but as a mom, I was starting to realize that I owed my boys at least the exposure to organized religion. I need to give them tools by which to make a decision about religion later on in their life. So, along with two of my dearest friends (who've also faced this similar dilemma), we packed up all the young uns and went to the church on the hill.

So, last night as we were tucking the boys into bed, Thing One said "Mom, I'm a bit worried. You know, I don't know this Jesus man. What if I don't like him?"

Thing Two, in his usual always has an answer state, says "but you have to like Him. He made us! What's not to like?"

Thing One pondered again for a moment and said "Ok, but why is his name Jesus and not something like Patrick?".

Oh yeah baby, it is time these boys get a bit more exposure to church on a regular basis....

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