Sunday, October 02, 2005

Not enough trikes? No problem...

The Things had off from school last week, so on Friday I suggested we open up Camp Chang. They each invited a couple pals over and before we knew it, we had a full house. The weather was beautiful and they spent most of the day outside in that boring backyard. As you can see from this photo, even though we had more things than trikes, they found a solution to their problems. It was really quite a sight, that is for sure!

Which brings me to another concern: do those things have ESP? How do they know that I'm contemplating purging some of their outgrown play stuff? I had just thought to myself "time we pass those trikes on to some little kid in need". And then POOF: they are playing with their old trikes, having contests and if they KNEW I was up to no good! Same with their Rescue Hero stuff. I even had a family picked out that I was going to pass on their outgrown stuff. (that's the tricky part: you want the toys to go to good use, but you can't give them to the family down the street with the young boy because the green eyed jealousy monster will spot the outgrown item and shriek FOUL! That is MINE!).

Come on Things...quite playing mind games with your momma! she's getting old and sentimental...oh but you probably knew that...that's why the trikes and the rescue hero fire truck remains in the stash of stuff!

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