Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It is ok Mom, you'll always have Thing One...

Thing Two is my more helpful thing. On Sunday he decided he wanted to help vacuum, so I fixed him up with our little portable unit and said "want to vacuum the stairs?" Sure, he grinned eagerly, as he is a child who has yet to realize this is a "chore" and not something to agree to quite so quickly.

when he finished, I praised him for his efforts (just like those mommy manuals tell you to do) and I sighed "Oh my, my baby is all grown up, what am I going to do without my little baby?"

That's when he replied, in the most sincere, honest way (you know how kids can be sometimes) "don't worry Mom, you'll always have Thing One".
(editors note: Oh course, he didn't call his brother "thing one" but I don't think I need to use actual names).

It made me happy and sad all at the same time. He's right: we will always have Thing One. For those of you who know all about Thing One and his journey, you can see how perfect Thing Two's observation was. And yet, it made me proud that at the young age of 6, Thing Two knows that, recognizes it and loves his brother just the same!

Ok, enough with the sap and sentimental stuff. For your viewing pleasure, I've included a photo of Hubby. He was kind enough to paint our bedroom this weekend. The problem with any home improvement project, and especially painting, is once you've got one room done, you realize how badly the other rooms need a fresh coat of paint! Hmmm...wonder when it is safe to bring up more paint jobs? Timing is of course everything!

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