Saturday, September 24, 2005

Now Remember Kids...

No Running, No Diving and No Salt on My Margaritas...

Not too long ago, I found some napkins that had this printed on them with a vintage photo of a mom and some kids. They seemed perfect for our circle of friends here in the Land of Sunshine!

Hubby has been working the evening shift the past couple of weeks. This has meant that the Things and I are home alone in the evening. And, well, ya know, when the Cat is away, us mice like to PLAY! So, last night I hosted what will hopefully be the first of many Friday Night Happy Hours.

Grownups know what Happy Hour is. And even if it has been years since we've gotten to go to a real happy hour, we know that it involves something to nibble on, something to sip on and some friends to chat with.

When I told the Things about my idea, they were very excited. I'm not sure what they thought it involved but they sure were happy for the hour and then some!

It was a perfect Fall evening here in the Land of Sunshine so the things and their gang spent most of the time outside. Now for those of you who have seen our backyard, you can easily agree that we could be hot contenders for "America's Most Boring Backyard" contest. But, that never seems to stop the kids from having fun.

Last night, while us mommies (and one brave Dad) sat at the kitchen table discussing hot topics, the kids created a new game. They called it Bumper Buddies. It looks sort of like Sumo wrestling crossed with human bumper cars. Strap your back pack on your front and charge after your friends. Experience not necessary!

And is often the case, Happy Hour turned into Happy HourS and well, that is indeed a very good thing!

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