Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Man, these nights in Fall sure are long...

Poor Thing2 had a restless night last night. "Bad dreams" he said. After the second awakening, I said "come crawl in our bed". It has been a long time since we've had any wake ups, much less 2 in the same night. As he snuggled down under the covers, he said "Man, these nights in Fall sure are long aren't they?".

Yep, we're thinking the Indian Days of Summer might be drawing to a close here in the land of Sunshine. Yesterday the boys had to put on jackets for the walk to school. Hubby wondered where his new jacket was but hey, they don't carry his size at Gap Kids! By afternoon, more clouds had rolled in and we were thinking perhaps wearing shorts wasn't such a great idea!

But fear not, the forecast for tomorrow is mid 80s! So, no, son, the nights in Fall aren't long, but rather the weather is quite perplexing!

Here's hoping tonight's sleep is a bit more peaceful for Thing 2 and his momma! I'm getting too old for those wake up calls in the middle of the night!

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