Monday, September 26, 2005

Look Ma, More cavities!

Lucky things: they inherited their dad's good looks but their Mom's crummy teeth. They brush, they fluoride rinse, they've even been sealed and still they get cavities. Poor guys! Also, Thing Two has lost a couple baby teeth but right now, he's got three teeth sharing the space designed for just two so when we take them back for their fillings they are going to "wiggle" that extra baby tooth out. Yep, grown ups, just so you know: dentists use code lingo to avoid announcing "we're gonna yank that sucker right out of your mouth you poor little thing!".

It should be a fun day around these parts come Wednesday when we get the cavities filled and the tooth "wiggled" out. I'm just grateful they could fit the boys in this week while they are off track for just this one week.

But the beauty of it all: with Hubby's new work schedule, he's free in the mornings and thus will get to come and experience all the joy that comes with taking children to the dentist for fillings! He doesn't have to be at work until 11, their appointments are at 0930 and the dentist is but a hop skip and a jump to Hubby's office.

Gotta dash: the guys are at the school "shootin' hoops" and I've promised Beef and Snow peas for dinner. Join us around 5 if you are hungry...

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