Friday, September 23, 2005

I want Mommy to walk me to school today...

Ah, yes, after declining my offer to trim his nails, I though "Yeah Baby, he does want me after all!"

Nope, hold your applause until you hear the rest of the story....

Thing Two, when asked, who would you like to walk with you to school this morning said
"I want mommy to walk me because, well, you know, she's got the bigger belly and " At which point he caught himself and stopped mid-sentence. Uh oh: the truth just slipped out! We said "go ahead and finish". Which he did "well, walking is good if you have a bigger belly, right?"

Children sometimes are TOO good at telling the truth!
And yes, after I got home from school, I showed him: I ate his leftover doughnut!

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