Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Here's hoping that third time is the charm...

Ok, hold your horses! Nope, the Chang Gang is complete. We ain't talking about "that" type of 3rd! No, I'm referring to Thing2's teacher count for the school year. We're finishing up the 5th week of school and we learned on Monday that his class has yet another new teacher: Mrs. V.
The first teacher was about 40wks pregnant at the start of school and BIG surprise, she lasted all of 2 days before the maternity sub showed up. This woman, as pleasant as can be, sort of looked like a deer in headlights and acknowledged her last teaching gig was with 4th graders. BIG difference between kindies and 4th grade. Apparently, the long term sub the school had hired took a different job at the last minute and this sub agreed to pinch hit. Oh joy: just what you want for your baby's first experience...a pinch hitter? (read: HEAVY sarcasm!). Now, we've learned that pregnant teacher has opted not to return for the school year and pinch hitter wants to work only part time morning which brings us to teacher #3 for the afternoon class.

I want to rant and raise a fuss: how dare they do this to our children? Flipflopping teachers. These kids need stability. But, I've peeked in the class and I've watched the new teacher greet her students at the start of the day and say goodbye to them at the end of the day. Why fuss when the end result is a jewel? It took awhile but I think these kids finally got someone who is as excited and enthused about kindergarten as they are! Now, let the fun times begin...even if it is 4 weeks late.

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