Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bits and Pieces

First up, of course, has to be the picture of the day (or every other day, or every third day or whenever I get tired of this blog craze). Thing Two and I went on a kindie field trip yesterday. A beautiful day here in the land of sunshine. Lots of walking and exploring and miracle of all miracles: we came back with all 51 students that we took with us! :) Not sure if all the parent chaperones made it back: but as one of the teachers said "you grown ups are all on yer own" (close your eyes and imagine a Tall Texan with a bit of twang delivering this message!)

Next up: I gotta get a REAL job! Ok, of course, I have a really important job: caring for hubby and the things. But, with them both in school, I am finding I want a bit more structure to my week. I thought volunteering would be a good fit. But, after an afternoon with Nurse Nit Wit, I realize, if I'm going to be subjected to ditzy on a regular basis, then perhaps a pay check at the end of the shift might help with my coping skills. For those of you who know Nurse NW, you can appreciate how she set down some papers on her desk that I had given her (and yet was still adding info to) . About 3 minutes after I gave them to her, I went to get them (to add that additional information that I had) and they were GONE! At first I thought it was my sometimers kicking in (you know, sometimes you remember stuff, sometimes ya get a bit confused). So, I retraced my steps. Nope, couldn't find them. I asked Nurse NW. "Well, they were right there, wonder where they went?" was her scatterbrained response. After 15 minutes of searching, I found them in her emergency phone card system. I think she put away one piece of paper and didn't realize she'd put away 20 others sheets with that one piece. Of course, we can all see how you can confuse ONE sheet of paper with a stack of over 25 right, right? NOT (can you feel the sarcasm I'm chanelling?)

Give me strength or a good Merlot...either one will help me get through
And lest you think she'll see this post and get mad...fear not, she has been in the job for 3 school years now and can't remember how to turn on her computer! The office ladies print off her email for her! She needs to retire/resign/ride off into the sunset so I can have her job...
But until then...I need a different job!

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