Sunday, August 04, 2019

Summer of Fun Weeks 9 & 10


SAW:  During the homestretch of my time off, I saw myself winding down and gearing up for the reality that awaits.  This year I volunteered to assist with some of the training of the newly hired school nurses- primarily around the area of special education since that is the focus of my work these days.   It was fun to meet the new hires, reflect on my own journey as a school nurse and catch a little of their enthusiasm. 

So, Tuesday (8/6/19) marks the end of the summer of fun with the return of the students. I'm starting my 3rd year working with young adults with disabilities, and starting my 10th year as a school nurse.  
 Ready of not-here they come!

HEARD:   Usually this is the most most difficult of the categories to blog about, but not this time.  During week 9 I heard some pretty amazing live music both at Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Denver Center for Performing Arts (our name for the theater district)  

For Red Rocks- we heard Killer Queen.   I know, pretty crazy name, right?   
They are actually a  tribute band from England that plays the music of Queen.   More like performs-as the band members all wear costumes/wigs to physically reflect the band Queen.   The venue alone is worth the headaches and the crowds-it is simply incredible to watch the sun set over the rocks and listen to the music as it bounces around the amphitheater. 
We had a group of 11- so meeting up with everyone was a bit of a challenge but it all worked out fine in the end.

For the play, the men folk in the family gifted me with a ticket to see the matinee of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory- the Broadway touring company making it's way across the country.
   The play was adorable-following the book rather closely, with the only child actor being Charlie.   All the other kids roles were performed by adults.   I really liked that touch- as it helped the adults see the behaviors through, well, an adult lens.     With a front row, center seat ticket- I felt a bit like royalty- you really feel like you have the theater all to yourself sitting that close to the stage

DID-Between returning to work and going to the shows, I found myself doing last minute "catch up" activities.   I met Thing 2 for dinner after the play (he lives only a mile from the Performing Arts Center) and was happy to see how settled in he looks in his new digs.

Oh look-he even has enough storage for all his shoes?!!!
I also managed to catch a  movie this past Sunday, The Farewell, a Chinese cultural film that explores the cultural practice of withholding a terminal medical diagnosis from the patient.    The extended family fabricates a wedding, so everyone can come and say farewell to the matriarch, without her knowing the real reason behind their impromptu visit.    It was well done and I enjoyed the venue (The Alamo Draft House).  

Of course, with each week, I have tried to  to make time to catch up with friends and these past 2 weeks were no different in that regard.   This week's  gatherings were some of my favorite ways to spend time with friends- 1:1 conversation, where we can really catch up and support each other. 

 There was also a larger neighborhood gathering at our Pool House  I also had a great time catching up over breakfast-lunch-and dinner with a wide range of friends.

But the really big news of what we did was something that the Hubby did this week. 
 Yep, a call came from his employer that we'd been anticipating for over 2 years and with that news, we have taken swift action to put into place the plans we've been making for him to retire.   

  It's an exciting time- as he's been tethered to the job 24/7 for the past 5 years- taking only 1 week of complete disconnect during our trip to Alaska last summer. 

Otherwise, while he's had a tremendous amount of flexibility as to where he finds that cell phone coverage, he's still had to have accessibility day and night.   

Stay he starts to explore his "what next" chapters.   For starters- he has had some fun playing around with that popular app that "ages you"....I give you Thing 1 and Thing 2- the geriatric edition....

 I'm excited to see how he enjoys this new found, well earned, long overdue freedom!

Until next time...

Monday, July 22, 2019

Summer of Fun Weeks 6-7-8


SAW:  It's easy to see- I've been too (fill in the blank) to blog, letting 3 weeks pass without an update.   Busy?   Yeah, not really.   Hot?  Yeah, that one holds some potential, especially when your A/C freezes up...but in all honesty, aside from this past week, the summer has been rather pleasant.  

Regardless of the reason, excuse, with summer vacation racing towards the finish line, I figured I'd give myself a quick recap of the past couple of weeks.   

HEARD:   Silence....from the solitude of the forest, to the "home alone"'s actually been a calming sound to take in.

DID:   You'd think I'd remember what's happened in the intervening three weeks, but alas, the brain is in full summer mush mode, and retrieval of even recent events requires a fair amount of thinking.   

Let's see- there was a birthday to be celebrated-
Yep...this little Thing is now all grown up at 22...

 A day of his own design-included lunch with family and friends, followed by a bit of retail therapy...
Father-son bonding to experience
from tool talk
to  tent training
Thing 2 and friends are going camping this week-
can't let the kid experience glamping without first suffering through camping.
Yard work to be tackled
 a long over due yard project-
with the removal of some overgrown bushes and major weed control.
the project requires some final work-but overall it's looking better...

A move to be supervised
Now that Thing 2 is officially licensed as a CNA- the plan is to live downtown, attending college as he completes his degree in public health-maybe a nurse one day, but for now, just happy to be back on his feet after a spring filled with health challenges.

Trolls to be met...
 Stones to be passed...

and of course, there was some "couples therapy"...
which for us means camping...
complete with fresh wildflowers...
candlelight lunches...
Yep, them skeeters were thick up in Steamboat...
A hike...
or two...
some puddle jumping in the side car...
hiding out from the afternoon rain shower...
some poolside alone time...
botanical gardens to be jogged to...
where, yep, I had to call Hubby for the sag wagon...
the couch to 5k (C25K) app kicked my booty at altitude and a path with minimal shade

and of course 
Sunsets to be savored...

Until next time...may you all be enjoying your own dog days of summer!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Summer of Fun Week 4&5


SAW:  Oh my, sometimes that calendar is a cruel reminder of reality. 

As I work within a school system, week 5 marks the mid-point of summer vacation. 

 Time flies when one is having a good time! 
Last week all I had access to was my mini i-pad which in a pinch can do the job of blogging, but I was on vacation and did not feel any such pinch to ensure I did real time update. 
  I was busy soaking it all in!!!

HEARD:   In the intervening 2 weeks, I heard so much laughter from friends that I'm still grinning.  

   From the flight to Ft Lauderdale 
  and the first (of many)mojitos in Miami
All the way through to the last leg of our flight home, we had a great time.   

 Sharing funny stories, exchanging today's worries while trying not to fret too much about the "what next" chapters in all our lives. 

There really never was a dull moment with this party of hens!   
Backstory on the t-shirts and crowns:  
 When searching for a theme, we landed on the idea of "All Hens on Deck" which is what the t-shirts read.   

As for the crowns, well hello-  
We soon discovered, everyone on cruises does group t-shirts, but nobody does tiaras...Tiaras for the win!

I'm not sure what I did to be so blessed with such a supportive "tribe" of friends as these women are to me...but without a doubt I consistently heard my heart saying  "Be grateful, THIS is the real deal!"

DID:   The question really should be what didn't we do?   

There were drinks to be had
Desserts to be savored
Shows to be seen

More drinks to be had
 (hey, we signed up for the drink package-by golly I was going to get my $$ worth)
Beaches to be explored
Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Ports to say "Yeah, I think I'll pass"

Nassau, Bahamas
5 ships scheduled, 16,708 visitors in port that day!  OUCH

Slides to explore

Puzzles to be made
Sunsets to be savored

 Shells to be sought...
Success to be seen
and celebrated

Well...ya get the idea...
Without a doubt-it was a fabulous adventures for all!

As many know, I love my google-images-quotes-and well this one pretty much fits the trip to a T

Until next time...