Saturday, June 29, 2019

Summer of Fun Week 4&5


SAW:  Oh my, sometimes that calendar is a cruel reminder of reality. 

As I work within a school system, week 5 marks the mid-point of summer vacation. 

 Time flies when one is having a good time! 
Last week all I had access to was my mini i-pad which in a pinch can do the job of blogging, but I was on vacation and did not feel any such pinch to ensure I did real time update. 
  I was busy soaking it all in!!!

HEARD:   In the intervening 2 weeks, I heard so much laughter from friends that I'm still grinning.  

   From the flight to Ft Lauderdale 
  and the first (of many)mojitos in Miami
All the way through to the last leg of our flight home, we had a great time.   

 Sharing funny stories, exchanging today's worries while trying not to fret too much about the "what next" chapters in all our lives. 

There really never was a dull moment with this party of hens!   
Backstory on the t-shirts and crowns:  
 When searching for a theme, we landed on the idea of "All Hens on Deck" which is what the t-shirts read.   

As for the crowns, well hello-  
We soon discovered, everyone on cruises does group t-shirts, but nobody does tiaras...Tiaras for the win!

I'm not sure what I did to be so blessed with such a supportive "tribe" of friends as these women are to me...but without a doubt I consistently heard my heart saying  "Be grateful, THIS is the real deal!"

DID:   The question really should be what didn't we do?   

There were drinks to be had
Desserts to be savored
Shows to be seen

More drinks to be had
 (hey, we signed up for the drink package-by golly I was going to get my $$ worth)
Beaches to be explored
Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Ports to say "Yeah, I think I'll pass"

Nassau, Bahamas
5 ships scheduled, 16,708 visitors in port that day!  OUCH

Slides to explore

Puzzles to be made
Sunsets to be savored

 Shells to be sought...
Success to be seen
and celebrated

Well...ya get the idea...
Without a doubt-it was a fabulous adventures for all!

As many know, I love my google-images-quotes-and well this one pretty much fits the trip to a T

Until next time...

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