Saturday, June 01, 2019

Summer of Fun- Week 1

Last summer was action packed with several grand adventures planned.   While this summer is considerably less structured, I do want to make sure I pause and reflect on how I spend my downtime.   Using the journaling prompts I used last summer seemed to be a good way to keep me focused in the here-and-now, so let's see how I do for the 2nd annual "Summer of Fun" weekly journaling challenge. 
SAW:  This week I saw my rheumatologist.   As I shared with him how I was feeling (not so great), he just smiled and asked "Do you want to go back on your infusions?"   Yes please!   Backing up a bit, I decided to sit out a cycle of my very expensive infusions.   I wasn't sure that I was getting my $$ worth (and really, not my money, but my insurance carrier's money).  I was curious to see how I felt without the infusion- and in a word-miserable.   I can now unequivocally say YES, it helps.   I feel better, I think clearer and I'm ready to take on a host of tasks that I've put to the side until I've felt better.   

HEARD:   Yeah, just like last summer, this one takes a bit more "out of the box" thinking.   I think I'll go back beyond the week and reflect on this past month.   I heard the words of appreciation and gratitude of my co-workers and students as they took time to celebrate Nurse's week.   Sure, the cards, sweet treats and plant was very nice, but what I most enjoyed was seeing myself as the topic of our daily team white board chat.   Each morning, one of the social workers puts up a journaling prompt.   Sometimes we are asked to share an experience or thought, and for special occasions, we are asked to give a shout of to various team members.  
 What a fun way to hear the words of my team mates, and know that my efforts are appreciated.   Finishing up my 2nd year, and yes, I am hearing loud and clear I am right where I need to be.  (even factoring in the struggles that occur at the end of the year-stress is high, patience is thin..we just need to get to that finish line so to speak.  And luckily we did- with most relationships intact.)

DID:   It was a pretty quiet month here. Mother Nature took her own sweet time to show us some warmer weather.   In fact, after a few days in the 80s, she treated us to this on 21 May. 
Talk about a lovely way to meet the new neighbors- "Hello, I'm sorry but my tree appears to have crashed into your house".  Luckily- neighbor was a good sport about it and the damage was minimal.

 Looking through the photos on my phone (never use a camera any more) I see where I got together with friends on a couple different occasions.  We joined in the crazy fun of a couple derby parties-
With my 2nd cousin and his Elizabeth..
With the usual gang back home-minus a few who had previous commitments

 There was a surprise retirement party for my dear friend S.  I offered to host something grander than our book club gathering at Panera's but she insisted she didn't want a fuss.   We still managed to get her to cry- when we all presented her with a brand new kindle, and laughed at the idea that "Yes, I have a retirement plan, I plan to read a lot of books!"
As a neighborhood, we gathered for 2 occasions to recognize the efforts of our volunteers.   First was at a swanky restaurant (not my style at all, but I did manage to snap a really great picture of two of my favorite people in the neighborhood).

  Later in the month, we went low budget-low stress and hosted a "first annual" volunteer pool party.  Mother Nature was still off her meds, so we were grateful for the loaner of a portable fire pit. 
 The evening ended when we made an emergency call to my Mr. to help jump start a dead battery (luckily, not my car this time).

In terms of week 1 of vacation- I did several "get it done tasks" in terms of running errands, renewing my CPR credentials and getting ready for summer travel that will occur in the weeks to come. 

Shopping for warm weather clothes is tough when it's still chilly here- but I managed to find a couple things but most importantly, I found my mojo to get back with my WW efforts.   Trying on clothes is way more fun when you weight a little less than I do right now.

  All in all, week 1 has been a  great way to slowly ease into the summer of fun...2019 edition. 
Until next week....

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