Friday, June 09, 2017

Summer of Fun: Chapter 1

This past weekend we took Uma (the RV) out for the first summer (or nearly summer) adventure.   I'd finished up work for the school year, and we had a stretch of a couple days on the calendar with nothing planned so off we went.

Our destination was Buena Vista, CO.   It's a small town at the base of the Collegiate Peaks and probably the place that should be credited with giving me the idea of buying an RV.   You see last summer I stayed in BV when friends were visiting.   We paid an exorbitant amount for one room in a Super 8 hotel.   OK, in their defense, it was high season and supply and demand factors in, but it was soon after that night's stay that the idea of owning an RV started to solidify in my head.   With an RV, we could enjoy freedom and flexibility with lower costs.

HAHA:   Lower costs,'ll be years of RV adventures before one can claim that as a truth...but just the same, we now own an RV and so off we go...

With it being a rather quick decision, we didn't spend a lot of time researching where to park for our trip.  Consulting a web app Allstays, we decided on Arkansas River RV Resort, a small campground just north of BV that offered full hook ups for a reasonable price ($31/night, full hook up)

The campground itself was well maintained although older.   Staff working was very pleasant and welcoming and our assigned camp site had natural shade and was pretty level.   It was a "back in" site but Hubby managed it just fine.
  The property was located pretty close to the highway, so at various times during our stay we experienced some distracting road noise.   As for amenities nothing to boast about:   We never were able to connect with the camp's WiFi and the shower house was clear across the campground so I opted to skip it in favor of using our shower within the RV.

Besides, we weren't there to hang out in the campground, we were there to explore this region and use this place as home base.

On Sunday, we took a trip over Independence Pass into Aspen.   I've been on this road several times before but in a side car?  Never...and Oh My, what an experience it was.

 Perfect riding conditions:   Clear blue skies, crispness to the air but not bitter cold (even at the summit).  Our trip up was early enough that traffic was minimal.   As we approached the summit, there were carloads of people unloading ski equipment, several vehicles that suggested it was actually a training day for the Aspen Alpine Rescue team.   We continued on towards Aspen.

 After you pass the summit, heading into town, there are several spots that reminded me of the roads in Ireland:   Narrow passage, nearly wide enough for one vehicle...again, the limited traffic was a blessing and Hubby handles these spots with determination and caution that left me with no worries on our part.

 We met up with a family friend, B for a brunch and coffee chat and soon headed out towards Maroon Bells.

 Can you believe I've lived in CO for 20 years, and never driven up to the Bells?  I think because during my previous visits, it was "in season" and the only way authorized up was to take the shuttle and ride with others.  Luckily, we arrived early season and drivers were allowed up to one of the nearby parking lots and then with a short walk, you could be in one of Colorado's most photographed places, the base of Maroon Bells.

With the snow capped peaks, I didn't really pick up on the maroon color, but if you look over your shoulder, there you can easily see how this area got its name;  both color and shape clearly match the name given.

After that, it was time to head back to the camp.   We made As we returned and settled in, thoughts of going out to photograph the sunset were dashed as the rain turned to hail, we were glad to know we'd gotten "home" before the weather turned ugly.

Monday was to have been another day of possible sight seeing but work kept Hubby busy most of the day.  

So, I did what I do best....I curled up with a good book and just chilled out.

Tuesday we headed back home, taking a slightly different route home with that seemed a little faster and ensured we had cell phone coverage the entire trip home since Hubby was technically working and needed to stay in touch with work things.

 All in all it was a lovely get away.   BV is a good place to base a short trip out of, but next time I think we can either try boondocking or look for a campground that is further away from the road.
 Apparently, this early in June, you need not worry about reserving a spot, plenty of areas to park an RV for a couple nights' stay.   Being new to the RV-glamping way of travel, these are the little things one learn's in the process I suppose.

I best wrap this up and post it, as fingers' crossed we will head out again real soon and explore more of this beautiful state we call home...

Until then...see you on the road!

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RichardM said...

Cool post! And you're right about the saving money aspect. I find the savings is not necessarily on the cheaper housing but not having to eat out for every meal. But it'll take a lot of travelling before things balance out.