Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Right Now: Winter 2016

I'm Listening:   Not really so much listening  as watching the movie War Horse.   I figured it would be a good movie to watch while I sift through photos from 2016, hoping to get a handle on the annual photo book I create through Shutterfly.  

After the huge task of crafting an album with all of our UK-Ireland pictures this fall, it's taken me awhile to get over my digital scrapbooking burn out.    Now that it's Spring Break and we are almost  a quarter of the way through 2017, I figured I'd best get going.  It's not going to get any easier to do the more time that passes. 

As I work on this project, I've found that last year's monthly blog  recaps are a huge help.   So while I've not really felt the blog-fever of late, I realize now that it does help me remember the stories  and create some order to the chaos of the pictures I take throughout the year.   That little inner voice is saying "Just do it" and I'm finally listening to said inner voice.     

I'm loving:    that when company comes to visit, we get a chance to be tourists in our own back yard. This past week Hubby's friends, J &K W.were in town visiting their daughter who is attending grad school in Denver.
The weather cooperated for 2 days of day-trip fun where we were able to show our friends the beauty that is our state.  
A trip to Loveland Pass, with lunch in Georgetown,
 For our 2nd day trip, we'd head south...
4 Army veterans check out how the Air Force Academy does things...
 *Photo credit goes to Hubby, with the good eye and the good camera!
*and as luck would have it, we visited this historic chapel before it's closed for major renovations, expected to last upwards of 4 years!  
Time to eat! 
 at The Edelweiss restaurant in the Springs...
Good German food with a trip down memory lane for the Ws and Dom
 as not only did these 3 go to college together, but they were all stationed in Germany around the same time!  
Sadly, that was i. the "pre-me" stage...

One last stop at the "Garden"...

 before heading back to the House of Chang...
where J and Dom geeked out ...
and I of course had the camera phone handy to capture the magic!  
I'm needing:   to recall what else has happened since I last updated the blog. Oh yes, Mr. EHS was last month.   How could I possibly forget THAT evening?   
What is Mr. EHS you ask?   It is part of the local high school's winter spirit week, this event is  a combination of a beauty/talent/comedy show featuring a few brave young men, willing to put themselves out there for the amusement of their 2500+ classmates.   
And yep, Thing 2 raised his hand and "auditioned".    We're still not sure how he found the courage to do so, but I must admit, there is a certain amount of pride that comes with being a "dance mom".     
 Thing 2 had no shortage of "groupies" eager to cheer him on. 
And he even managed to  include his two pals to help him with his talent portion...
 A special thanks to our Ms. Bose who coordinates the entire event ...
I"m feeling:  Better.    
Thanks, Tim L for the photo!
Not only does it feel good to get the blog updated (and the photos sorted), but the days are lighter, the weather a little warmer and Spring is surely on its' way.   
 Since late January, I've been working only part time.   After 7+ years as a full timer, the part time life is proving  to be a pretty good fit.    
Instead of spending the weekends "catching up" with household chores, I spend the time catching up with friends
 Hanging with my husband
 and taking our RV out for some fresh mountain air
where we even had some special breakfast visitors

 Happiness is indeed much like the mountain summit, sometimes it may be hidden by the clouds but we know it is still there!