Monday, September 07, 2015

Summer Wrap Up

Labor Day?   How'd that happen?

This year, our school schedule shifted, and we found ourselves starting classes about 4 days earlier than normal.   Toss in a late Labor Day, and already it is feeling like summer has ended long ago.

So before the memories of summer fade, I want to jot down a few random thoughts

Thing 2
Thing 2 and the guys...
Last summer, Thing 2 was itching to be grown up.   Problem was, he wasn't necessarily hanging with the right kind of kids.   This past year, he's re-aligned himself with some great kids.   Oh sure, they look a little scruffy in full summer-shirtless mode, but these boys are some good kids.   Smart, hard working and genuinely nice.    I can't begin to describe how much easier it is to parent the teen when you like the kids he's hanging out with.

In fact, a couple of his friends (not the ones pictured), all had jobs at the local pool.   Thing 2 would often stop by at closing time and offer to help them clean up.   One thing led to another, and he gets hired to be a late-season pool boy.  Not quite a full fledged life guard, but he still gets to dress the part.

 Equal billing for Thing 1
In July, I made an appointment for senior pictures.  There are lots of senior milestone events that I just know he won't have any interest in participating in,   I get that, but for senior pictures, I was holding firm that he'd do this for his mom.

Problem is, that much as he'd like to please me (most days),  posing for the camera has never been something that comes naturally for him.   Oh sure, we've managed to snap some wonderfully candid pictures through the years.   But the last time we did true portrait style pics?   Oh somewhere back around 2003 is my guess.

 It was a family affair getting ready for the photo shoot...
Yes indeed, he gets by with a little help from his brother!

And the proof is in the final product:   There's our boy...looking sharp (and at the camera)
If you are looking for a  photographer in the local area, you can't go wrong with the fabulously talented Steph Steinmark Photography!

Family Time
We seem to have finally recovered from our 3+ weeks of constant togetherness and were ready to head out for an afternoon of theatre.
Yep, even hubby tagged along for this not-so family appropriate but oh so funny musical.
Yeah, it was heart breaking to think the last time we'd been at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House together was to watch Veggie Tales Live...

And what about me?
I'm thinking it is the "7 year itch"...problem is this is only my 6th year as a school nurse. 

Hoping as we move into a new season, my patience returns for these little darlings....
Until next time....take time to enjoy the little things that make you smile!

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