Monday, October 06, 2014

Adventures in Babysitting:

Thing One as a papa?   
HOPEFULLY the real deal is a good decade away, but thanks to a child development class he is taking this semester, we had a sneak peek of what it means to be a parent.

None of this decorate an egg or carry around a flower sack.   Nope, this Baby Thing had a computer chip in it, and was programmed to make various noises throughout the weekend.   You had to feed him, burp him, rock him, change him and hold his neck just so.   Basically a decoder ring beeped if you did the right task.   If not, the baby kept fussing until you met his demands, needs.

We all got into the act....which was for the most part entertaining and educational.  
Just the same by weekend's end, Thing One announced
 "I'm naming him HIPPO because he eats constantly
Final Grade:   79%, apparently we didn't support his neck correctly and losing that damn  precious decoder thingie in the middle of the second night cost us  Thing One some points.

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