Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Thankful for Day 5

Thankful that myself, my husband and more importantly my children are what society considers mentally healthy.   Ok, I admit,  we've all got a touch of crazy and quirky going on, but nothing that gets in our way and impacts our lives on a daily basis.

This is the time of the school year, when the mental health starts to crumble for many of our kids.   The approaching holiday is often a trigger, coupled with we're far enough into the school year that if they don't have healthy coping mechanisms, that delicate "house of cards" starts to crumble when it comes to anxiety and other issues.  New kids hoping that this school year would offer them that "fresh start" start to realize that their anxieties and other issues are still causing them to struggle.  

  Today, we seemed to be running a special:
 along with all the Pooh Corner ailments

And so while I am weary, in the end, all I can really do is give thanks...that my day ends, and I head home to a family that seems to be well adjusted.   For so many of the students I helped today....it just isn't that easy.

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