Sunday, August 18, 2013

So much for THAT challenge...

Yes, I missed 12 on the 12th ccompletely.   I headed into a meeting that was work related and came out  feeling like this...
 Kind of hard to switch gears completely and take 12 happy pictures as I do try to reflect positive thoughts on my blog.   Or at least try to find the silver lining in the negative.   That wasn't happening on the 12th.

So, my next chance was to reflect on 13 Reasons Why....summer was so fun, relaxing and whatever else I could come up with.   (the 13 reasons why is also the title of a book I read awhile back, and if you have a teenager, you really should make time to read it:    fiction but interesting in terms of reading how a teenager processes what we as adults might view as only minor bumps in the road.  The story is told through the tapes left behind by a young woman who takes her own life.   Oh dear God, can we please make it through this school year without any such heartbreaking tragedies that plagued us last year).

So, I started out on the 13th at the coffee shop, waiting for my friend to join me for our early morning coffee chats.   Snapped this fun picture as I arrived 30 minutes before the time we had agreed upon.   I guess I was so eager to visit with Tracey because trust me, 0630 was early enough to meet, but 0600?   What was I thinking?
 And BAM....the next thing I realize is that the 13th has passed with just this lonely photo taken.   As soon as I got into my office at work, I just started working and really barely came up for air all week long.

The next chance could have been Sweet we did indeed have a fabulous evening with friends, feasting on prime rib and toasting Jack the birthday boy of 60...but alas, this is the only picture our friends in the car behind us.

So yes, you could pretty much say I've blown it this month.   I shall try to redeem myself next month...I promise!  

On the other hand, I have managed to complete another type of challenge.    I really like reading and so in January I challenged myself through Good Reads, to read 50 books.   Friends teased me that by December I'd be pulling out a Magic Tree House or Dr. Seuss type book just to get to that 50 mark.  

Oh yeah of little faith, I give you my completed challenge....finished in August!    Yes, more than a book a week.   

Now my next challenge should be something health related....but reading is way more fun than getting hot and sweaty.   Maybe I could read a book about exercise and that would do the trick?   Yeah, didn't think so...

And that folks is all....for now!