Sunday, July 07, 2013

Too Fast Too Soon

On Friday, this little one?  

Turned 16...
Sweet 16?   Not really, as let's just say personal hygiene is not high on his priorities.  

Mid morning, my dad called.   I assumed to wish his grandson a happy birthday.   Unfortunately, that was not the only reason he had called.     There had been a death in the family.   My Aunt Sue, recently diagnosed with liver cancer, had lost her brief but brutal battle earlier that morning.   

Yesterday, I found myself trying to compose a note of sympathy for my Cousin A.   
All that came to my mind was the idea of "too fast, too soon"

My first born is growing up too fast.   It is too soon for him to be old enough to drive and date (lucky for us, he has zero interest in either of these traditional 16 year old milestone moments).

My aunt, just shy of her 64th birthday, passed away too fast, too soon, and without a doubt too young.

When my aunt joined our family,  she brought with her two young girls.  Yes!   New cousins for us!   These two sweet girls would end up becoming two of my favorites.   Cousin Cindy  and I shared a birthday which of course bonded us in a way that the 5 year age gap really didn't seem to matter.   My cousin A. while closer in age to me, well, neither of us wouldn't really realize until we were adults how much we have in common and how much we enjoy each's others company.  

So first, let me say:  Thank you Aunt Sue for falling in love with Uncle Boo and giving us bonus cousins.

My sister and I and our newest cousins
When Aunt Sue joined our extended family, it was during a time when divorce was not as common as it is today.   And the sister-in-laws (my mom and aunt) were shall we say "not ahead of their time" in terms of accepting such a woman with a past.   It is safe to say these women were guarded in their reception of this new member to the family:  Older sisters hesitant to accept change, protective of their baby brother, and genetically wired to remain guarded for a very long time if the situation called for it.  

 There was no doubt that Aunt Sue had her work cut out for her!
Grandma Irene and her kids...Richard, Audrey, Aunt Phyllis, Uncle Boo and Aunt Sue

But that didn't stop her....nope.  Aunt Sue did not give in or give up....and she managed to win us all over with not only her quick wit, her great sense of humor and her charming smile....but mostly in her undying devotion to loving Uncle Boo!  
Aunt Sue introduces us to Baby K circa late 1974/early 1975
Baby K was born Sept '74

For in the end, the family got exactly what we needed....someone who would love Uncle Boo as much as we love him!  

Aunt Sue, you will  be forever remembered....and we will miss you deeply.   
Uncle Boo and Cousin A....we hope brighter days are in your future....
Aunt Sue snuggling with Thing 2 circa 1999


Dawn said...

What a lovely tribute to your aunt. So sorry, Martha.

tz said...

oh I'm so sorry! what a loss for your family and you!