Friday, November 02, 2012

Thankful for Day 2

Last weekend, we enjoyed having my dad stop over for a visit.  For those who have extended relatives living within driving distance, this may not be a big deal.  But for Hubby and I, all our relatives live at least 16 hrs away, so "stopping in" for a visit typically involves planning and usually a trip to the airport.    

I'm thankful that my dad makes the effort to come and spend some time with us.   In return, we try to visit him at his home.  But let's be honest, traveling solo is easier and less costly than traveling as a family of 4.  However, I know several people of the next generation who view it as the adult child's responsibility to visit the older parent.

I'm most thankful that my dad doesn't expect that of us.  His visits, as brief as they may be, are eagerly anticipated by both boys.    For Thing Two, it's a time to perfect his pie baking skills with the master pie baker guiding his efforts at creating the perfect crust.   This time, it also included a trip to see the Colorado Symphony perform downtown.  For the violist in the family, this was indeed something he looked forward to doing with Grandpa.

For the older Thing, not into pie or the symphony, Grandpa brings with him his belly.  Thing One loves to snuggle up against his grandfather's belly and together they catch a snooze (or two) on the couch.  I'm sure if my father ever decided to take on a weight loss program and the belly was reduced, he'd hear plenty of protests from his grandson.  It is also a time for bowling. Grandpa took both boys to the new bowling alley where they showed that well.....their skills in this sport are not improving much but they sure do have fun playing just the same.  

So, here's a shout of thanks to  Grandpa for spending a few days with us!  We hope you enjoy a sunny and healthy visit out in Sun City this winter!    We look forward to your layover in Colorado in April.  

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