Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful for Day 17

This evening, I am giving thanks for friends that follow through.  

Earlier this Fall, I mentioned to some friends how I thought it would be fun to go see this one woman (or man,as Dixie is really a man) performance.  The show had been in Denver before and when I finally got around to looking into tickets, it was all sold out.

Much to my great surprise,  the ladies took the simple mention I made and ran with it.  Two women suggested dates, a third coordinated with the "large group" ticket sales office to see about getting a discount.  And next thing I know, 10 of us were making plans for attending this show.

I'm usually the one organizing and planning.  I am so thankful that this time,  all I found myself doing was sending my check in and deciding what to wear.

And for the record, it was indeed a fabulous show.  It was an actual  Tupperware show with all the laughter, snark, and fun that comes with this cultural phenomena called a "home party sales".     And yes, Dixie had me even putting a few things on my wish list!

  This Martha?  Always welcomes a chance to step down from the leader position and just follow!  Thank A,  K and Miss MB for making it all happen!

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