Friday, September 07, 2012

The short weeks

are indeed usually the longest ones.

Wednesday I had my first 911 call of the new school year.  A young lady came in, looking and acting very out of sorts.  I got her situated in the back to rest, while I started to collect some additional information.  No sooner had I pulled up her name on the computer, did my trusted and faithful assistant call out "Martha, she's not responding".  While I raced to assess her condition, I sent Susan to call 911.  It was a good thing that I didn't waste any time making that decision.  Before the paramedics had arrived, this girl's health took a sharp turn into the world of bizarre.    If one ever questions why we need police officers in the school, please just have them call me.    Our officer happened to come into the room right as the student changed from being unresponsive to being something straight out of a horror movie.  His quick thinking and sheer strength kept me and the student safe. Thank you, Officer P.  I owe you big time!

Today took me down another emotionally charged road.  One that I was honored to assist with, but still struck by the sadness of it all.  I was called to assess the wounds of a young girl who had admitted to her counselor that she had taken up cutting.  I walk in, and while she is now 15, all I see is the little girl I first met when she was 6.  How could that confident happy girl now be cutting and expressing ideas and plans to end her life?    Again I turned to my trusted assistant:  "can you handle the clinic, I just can't leave right now".

So for an hour, I sat and held this young girl's hand.  I hugged her mom as she shook with fear 'how is this possible".  And yes, I shared in their tears.   I cannot imagine a phone call more frightening than the one from the school psychologist asking that you come to the school as we plan to transport your child for a suicide assessment at the local hospital.  To actually know the student and her family, made it all that more frightening and humbling.

Yes can cram in a week's worth of work in just 4 days.

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tz said...

oh martha....I'm so sorry. Hard hard week. But your presence in that girls life might be a turning point for her. You just being there is making such a difference in so many kids' lives. It's too bad that it can be draining and sad for you.