Thursday, June 28, 2012

It only took 30 years...

To make it into the yearbook....and as a "centerfold" no less!  I guess I can strike this from my bucket list!

(this double page spread was in the school yearbook.  I knew the yearbook kids had taken my photo and interviewed me.  Was surprised to see that I was featured as the lead article about teachers/staff.)

And no, that is not a very short high school student.  In addition to the 2400 teenagers assigned to my care, I also supervise a day care program that is held on our campus.  These little raptors are the children of staff within our district.  I still prefer the bigger kids, but I also enjoy the occasional visitor that is indeed shorter than I am.

Enough about work...back to summer vacation and relaxing I must go!

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tz said...

it's a great shot too!