Sunday, March 25, 2012

Since I've been gone....

 It seems like forever since I  have properly updated the here is a little glimpse of what has been happening since I've been neglecting the blog.

The oldest Thing learned to shave.  He had that perpetual dirty lip appearance that drove me crazy.

And of course, with so much laughter happening in the bathroom, the younger Thing wanted to join in on the fun.  Ok, so his facial hair was visible only with a high powered microscope.  Shhhh....don't tell him that it really wasn't necessary.

And now that they are all clean shaven, they are ready for their first communion.  Youngest Thing wanted seconds, Oldest Thing forgot to grab the grape juice option and the look on his face was priceless.  (doubtful he's going to be a "red wine" guy for a real long time)

I took a little road trip to see a kid in college. That's Judy's middle daughter for those who don't recognize Allie.

 I took her a care package of college essentials:  mac n cheese, ramen noodles, tequila and toilet paper (to name just a few of the items that I pulled together).  What made her happiest?  The toilet paper of course (some things never change)

Youngest thing participated in the District's annual String-a-thon.  Some 300+ middle school musicians gathered to perform.  It was a competition style performance:  in order to play the piece, you had to pass the test.  Out of 10 levels, Thing Two reached level 9!  And for my moment of mommy bragging, might I add that he was only one of 2 sixth graders from his school that reached this level.  

Hubby's rig is still being repaired.   So, I did what any supportive (and slightly enabling) wife does...I talked him into buying a new side car.

Meet Valencia....she's a 2011 URAL and a welcome member to our family.  

And I've read a good book.  

Have you ever wondered what happened to Hester when she went back to England?  Well, this historical fiction written by a Colorado author (a teacher who has spent many years teaching The Scarlet letter) does a wonderful job of creating a story that makes you appreciate the challenges that Hester and her daughter Pearl faced as they returned to England.  

If you like historical fiction, this one is well written.  

I've gotten hooked on a new show.  Ok, make that two new shows.    Gotta love Hulu Plus for when you get hooked on a show mid-season.

I watched my friend B.  go for a spin.  This young lady has started to walk after having some major medical events happen a few years ago that took away her ability to walk and talk.

Lest you ever think that our severely impacted student population does not make progress, this young woman is out to prove us wrong.

Go, B, Go!!!

Hubby and I learned what "Winter Percussion" is all about as we enjoyed watching our friend Vannie perform with the Raptors.

Oh my, this is SO not the marching band that I participated in!

And speaking of our friend, here she is again at her Senior Recital.    Vannie is Judy's youngest daughter and attends a Denver School of the Arts (Think FAME:  the Rocky Mtn. Edition)

She has specialized in the tuba and what an impressive performance.

I never realized that the tuba could go solo and sound so good!

So that about wraps up all that is new in our world.

Spring Break started Saturday....a week with nothing that needs to be done and all week to get it done!

Gotta love being a school nurse....Spring Break, Snow Days and Summers Off are three of my favorite things about being a nurse in the school.

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I like the kids too!