Sunday, February 05, 2012

Recipe for a great weekend..

Take one job that includes "snow days" and add a Thursday night-all day Friday snow storm.
And've got a 3 day weekend that has been very much enjoyed by all of us here at the House of Chang.

18-20 inches of snow is no big deal when you've got a snow blower to help do the job.  Hubby not only did our drive way but he also helped out the neighbors.  Yep, we've got the clearest cul de sac in the 'hood.
The boys took off for the hill that is within walking distance and spent several hours in the cold.  They only came home after Mama called and said "enough!"
 I took to the craft room and made a few cards...using my stash.  Pretty proud of myself to have created 6 cards out of one forgotten sheet of stickers.
 Stewie...back in the garage you aren't made for this kind of weather..
Celebrating their first communion last night at church....

 Yep, I'd say it has been a very good weekend!  Hope yours was as well!

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