Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Stewart gets around

So, my confidence in riding isn't near what Hubby and his pals have. But, in my little baby step process, I am starting to step out, or rather "scoot" around the neighborhood a little bit more.

Sunday, I scooted to church. Sure, it is close to home but the only way to get there is to drive on THAT road...a neighborhood road where folks sort of do their own thing with regards to road safety and speed. Shoot, even in a cage it isn't my favorite road to be on. But, I figured I could handle it for the short 1/2 mile distance.

and of course, I did fine...(but missed the photo op of Stewart at church, sorry...the other parishioners were looking at me strangely as it was)

Oh would you look at that, I've finally used my first tank of gas. Time to fuel up. Hee Hee...didn't realize you could fill a tank with just the lose change in the bottom of your purse. (ok, not really, for convenience, I used the plastic, but I had enough change to have paid in coins)
And today...Stewart met Target. I am sure they will form a life long relationship! The downside? Can't do much impulse buying when you have yet to decide on a supplemental storage system. What I bought had to fit under the seat (which it did).

So now, who knows what I'll try next? The mall perhaps? ....time will tell!

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bobskoot said...


nothing wrong with "baby steps". glad to see you enjoying your scooter

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